Since over thirty years, the Universe Astarte represents the perfect union of Innovation and Sustainability, through the realisation of products distinguished by precious details, which make unique and customised your creations.


Since 1989 we have searched raw material all around the world, in order to create embellishment for finished manufacture related to clothing, footwear and leather industry, beachwear, home textile as well as embroidered and accessorized manufactures. We produce semi-finished and assembled products for design industry, architecture and furniture.

Most of our production line is dedicated to the manufacture of jewellery for own branded customers. We do not import materials from stores but, through our manufacturing network, we can guarantee the control of the whole production chain, starting from the raw materials, modified according to our style or to the specific request of our customers, arriving to the finished product.


All the materials we use are Washington Convention (CITES) free. We protect and respect the nature and all its precious gifts during the entire productive cycle. As well as the items available on our catalogue, we are able to develop and create customized projects.

You cannot find our materials in the list “CITES” which is contained in the Convention of Washington, as we do not use products that come from animals, vegetables and protected environment. At the base of the whole manufacturing process, we put the safety of the environment where we work and catch our materials.


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